An alternative way,

a versatile solution

Hovercraft adapted to the needs and special conditions for work on:
Marshy areas.
Estuaries and coastal areas.
The unit is versatile and adaptable configuration

DIFFICULTIES encountered

These situations are common ... and waste a lot of time

A unit of measurement, developed for use in wet areas.

Rivers and unnavigable water with sandbanks, rocks outcropping, logs, jumps, fast ...
Estuaries, river mouths, mangroves, mudflats, marshes ...
Maritime, coastal tides, sandbanks, rocks, reefs, coral reefs, lagoons, passes ...


With a capacity of about 2000 kg this configurable device is versatile, multiple configurations are possible.

Possibility of agricultural application

Hedge mower, lawn mower, shredder and sprayer ...

Please contact us for alternative application machine tools with cabin backward


Preproduction prototype

Reduced operating costs


The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Hovercraft therefore provide around most obstacles that penalize called classical navigation, which has its limitations due to the requirements of draft. You do not wait for the tide to navigate.


Consumption: for an experienced driver with normal weather, this machine uses 10 to 15 L h maximum speed of 35 knots to> 2000 kg load.




The variable pitch propeller allows the driver to adjust its thrust to current conditions and optimize its speed and consumption. It also allows the brake and reverse, also offers the possibility of precise positioning.

With an average speed of 30/35 knots, this type of device is faster than other similar means of water or non-load bearing surfaces.


The pilot with poor visibility (fog, heavy rain) or night, the risk factors are beyond compare.




Coast Offshore, the hovercraft can go directly to the site (wind).

Long distance offshore offshore, hovercraft can annexes offices to join the shuttle transport remained at anchor, which they, go directly to the sites. Often, the nearest port is far away.


Service and maintenance


For maintenance of the rubber skirt is serviceable and retreadable by yourself, to put hovercraft on the land will removes extra maintenance costs.

As you no longer have to go through a port or dock you reduce the cost of access to the port and ring.

The materials that make up all of my machines are repairable, aluminum is adhered propenyl and steel metalwork is welded with a single post the arc.


Diesel engine with mechanical fuel injection, no electronics, fuel: diesel, fuel oil, diester, rapeseed oil or shortening to 50%.

This machine conforms pollution, marine environmental standards.

This machine is in accordance with international law for freight and passenger transport.




Both engines are external position. For drains, filters, distribution, and lift up the covers and you have access to motor 360 which reduces to 50% more hours of maintenance

The engines are cooled air / automotive-type water is more than 70% cheaper than marine systems.




We are currently the only one who can claim to have a load capacity of 2000kg for 16 square meters of surface. Other competitors for over 2000kg needs to 1.5 meters long and 0.5 meters wide, not like our machine.




Integrated security, more than 400% flotation engine off, solid structure, possible in hot water. Fireproof material.

Hovercraft datasheet






     Empty weight

     Maximum load

     Maximum speed

     Flotation (100% self-supporting structure
       fully unsinkable)

Engine lift

     Maximum torque (kg/daNm a tr/mn)

     Maximum power (KW/ch a tr/mn)

     A tachometer

     A light and beeper engine coolant




Engine propulsion

     Maximum torque ( kg/daNm a tr/mn)

     Maximum power (KW/ch a tr/mn)

     Hour meter counter

     Scale for battery charge

     Scale for engine coolant

     Indicator of water detection in diesel 


     Two tanks




     Not a variable hydraulic of three possition:

     Two position of propulsion


Rubber skirt blow retreadable





Fuel level



Flash (a regulation)


6.00 m


2.70 m


2.30 m


900 Kg


2000 Kg

40 Knots




4000 Kg



8.3/8.6 a 2500 tr/mn

38.3/53 a 5000 tr/mn






3.5 L/h max


38 L


PSA XUD9 Turbo

19.6/20.2 a 2250 tr/mn

67.5/92 a 4000 tr/mn









10 L/h max


49 L




1 for two engines



Netral, reverse, brake reversing in static

Not a mini for planning and maneuver, nor a cruise.

Disassembly/reassembly for a single person: 2 hours.


Accelerator port starboard rudder, sitting and standing position.

One per tank

Two long-range optical





This type of machine can be of tremendous benefit, as its speed by its versatility:


Work relief MEDIVAC, rapid transport of fresh or frozen cargo, tanker, bulk, platform extension deposition step, laboratory observatory, high technology, etc..


For rivers, estuaries, coastal ..


The unit can be shipped in containers 20 or 40 feet, 40 feet high depending on the configuration. Several sizes of machine or dual mono engine according to demand, to be three models:

Model 1500: 1500kg Length = 5.90m Width = 2.70m

Model 2000: 2000kg Length = 7.00m Width = 3.40 m

Model 2500: 2500kg Length = 8.00 m width = 4.00 m

Developed and built in France, the company headquarters is located in Indonesia.